About our frost-painted candles

These candles are handmade in our Craft Factory and poured at a slightly lower temperature in order to give them the popular frosted appearance. We use fully-refined paraffin wax, the finest imported pigments for their colour and 100% cotton wicks, which make them long-burning and dripless. 

Each bare frosted candle is then hand-painted with a 'paint' that we make by mixing the finest colour pigments with hot wax. Designs are detailed and created to compliment the colour of the base candle. 

The end-result of this range is a soft and rustic look that holds wide appeal, with our design catalogue constantly growing. 


Our wide range of original frost-painted designs can be applied to any frosted candle shape and size. Simply make your selections from our Shape Catalogue and Design Catalogue below and email us for ordering and pricing information.

We are also able to create custom designs according to specific client needs upon request.