Get the most out of your Kapula candles by following these candle care guidelines, safety instructions and burning tips.

Candle Care & Safety Instructions

  • Remove all packaging before lighting any candle. 

  • Always place candles on a level and non-flammable surface.

  • Keep candles away from other flammable materials and out of reach of small children and pets. 

  • Where applicable, put a candle in a candle holder, hurricane glass or lantern. 

  • Trim the wick to ±7mm before lighting it - both when you first light the candle as well as each time you relight it. If the flame starts smoking during burning, extinguish it and trim the wick before relighting it. 

  • Do not burn candles in a draught, as this may cause them to drip (especially in the case of narrow and multi-wick candles).

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended. 

  • After first lighting your candle, allow it to burn for a duration of one hour per every 2cm of its diameter in order to establish a decent burn pool. 

  • Always keep a candle's burn pool clear of debris that may catch alight or cause flaring. 

  • Avoid moving a candle while it is burning. 

  • Never use liquid to extinguish a candle and try to snuff the flame rather than blowing it out. 

  • Do not burn candles near a source of heat such as an oven, heater or fireplace. 

  • Once the wick has burnt down to 2cm from the candle's base, it should be extinguished and discarded. 

  • Candle storage:
    Candles can have a long shelf life, but over time their colours can fade, they can become sticky, and fragranced candles can lose their scent. To delay this ageing process, store candles in a cool dark place in an airtight container or wrapped in plastic. 

More Burning Tips

  • Outdoor candles:
    Do not burn outdoor candles inside, as they smoke excessively. If moths or other bugs fly into the candle's burn pool, remove them immediately to prevent them from catching alight and causing a safety hazard or ruin the candle. Do not leave them outside on a cold night after snuffing, as the sudden temperature drop may cause them to crack.

  • Hurricane lamps:
    Always ensure that the lantern's volume is at least 2.5 times that of the candle's to prevent the heat from building up inside the lantern and causing the candle to melt.

  • Burning multiple candles:
    Always ensure a distance of ±10cm between burning candles. 

Any questions?

If you have any candle care or safety-related questions, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to offer more advice, guidelines or information.