Drupal Website

The Kapula website has been created using the Drupal open source framework.

As an organisation that actively supports the upliftment of our local community – we have made it our mission to recruit train crafters from the Bredasdorp area where the unemployment rate is high – we strongly believe in and support the open source movement.

Drupal is distributed under the General Public License, which means anyone is free to download it and share it with others, and with over 18 000 pre-configured themes and modules available to us, we were able to pick the modules that were most appropriate for our website. Our web developers were then able to modify and style them to create the new Kapula site.

Maintained by more than 600 000 users and developers around the world, there is a huge community of companies and individuals who work with Drupal. Here in South Africa our website developers, 2Stroke Interactive are one of the larger teams of South African Drupal developers.

Behind the website itself is a content management system that enables our own staff to edit pages and update information.  We’re not web experts, so we love the fact that we can change content, upload new products to our gallery or share news of our Fair Trade initiatives without calling in the experts!